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People  & Parties With Panache Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Benefit

Overview of Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s Benefit Dinner at the Guggenheim
Overview of Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation's Benefit Dinner at the Guggenheim.

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On June 17, 2009, the Guggenheim Museum and the exhibition Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward, provided the venue for a spectacular event benefitting the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation(FLWF). The benefit dinner raised more than half-a-million dollars for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation's School of Architecture, noted Archives, and K-12 educational programs.

At the event, the Foundation honored Peter B. Lewis, chairman of Progressive Insurance Company and the former chairman of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation; Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, director of the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives and a curator of the Wright exhibition; and Mark Keane, professor of department of architecture and director of the Frank Lloyd Wright Initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Paul Goldberger, architecture critic for The New Yorker magazine gave the keynote address to a capacity audience that filled the Guggenheim's rotunda.

Honoree Peter Lewis; Kimberly-Hurtado; Janet Rosel
Honoree Peter Lewis, Kimberly Hurtado, Janet Rosel.

Mark Keane, Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer
Honorees Mark Keane and Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer.

Linda Marquardt and Daniel Marquardt
Linda Marquardt and Daniel Marquardt, chairman FLWF.

Virginia James; Gerald Morosco; Fred Stratton, FLWF chairman; Anne Stratton
Virginia James, Gerald Morosco, Fred Stratton, past FLWF chairman; Anne Stratton.

Howard Weiner, Paul Goldberger
Howard Weiner, Paul Goldberger.

Tim Erdman, Edgar Tafel
Tim Erdman, Edgar Tafel.

Ken Hunt and Patty Hunt
Ken Hunt and Patty Hunt.

Fred Stratton, Anne Maley-Schaffner
Fred Stratton, Anne Maley-Schaffner.

Steve Elliot, Beverlynne Elliot, Richard Tomasetti
Steve Elliot, Beverlynne Elliot, Richard Tomasetti.

Fran Ferguson, Daphne Bronstein, Paul Goldberger
Fran Ferguson, Daphne Bronstein, Paul Goldberger.

Howard Weiner and Karen Weiner
Howard Weiner and Karen Weiner.

Photos: Ed Lederman
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