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Ravinia Associates
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Ravinia Associates aspire to be Chicago's premier group of emerging leaders dedicated to supporting the musical arts. The Associates focus on expanding the size and diversity of audiences for music, emphasizing Ravinia Festival and its Education and Community Partnerships programs and enhancing broad appreciation for classical music.

Ravinia Associates are a group of young professionals in the Chicago area. They work to support the Festival by raising funds, increasing awareness, and developing a younger audience for classical music. The group's signature fundraiser, Festa Ravinia, is traditionally a black-tie event with dinner, dancing, auction and raffle. This event provides funding for Ravinia Festival and its unparalleled Education and Community Partnerships programs. Additionally, the Associates participate in the Annual Fund campaign and volunteer at events such as school visits, Rising Stars series, Family Space and Instrument Petting Zoos. At Ravinia's summer concerts, the group hosts Associates Corners, where members gather on the lawn to picnic, develop friendships and listen to the music of the evening. In addition, Associates gather with their families and picnic at Kids Concerts.
Key People

Ravinia Associates
President: Kathryn D. Ingraham *

Active Members
Erin Bognar
Michael Brooks
Henry Brownell
Casarine Chong
Kaelin Dezelan *
Adam Dorfman
Courtney Eckert
Scott Garwood ^
Seth Gastwirth
Laura Glick
George Haenisch
Emily Hathcoat *
T.J. Houlihan *
Andy Jessen *
Nagawa Kakumba
Julie Kalainov
Jennifer Keller *
Michael Klee ^
Grace Konopacki
Kara Longo Korte *
Amy Krebs
Robert Krebs
Beth Lambert *
Megan Lane ^
Mark Lawrence
Erin Leddon *
Steve Madden *
John Martin *
Christopher McCall
Jennifer McGlinn
Patrick McGlinn *
Allison Okon
Stacy Overby
Angela Pace-Moody *
Eric Pachapa *
Polly Pancoe-Kortlander
Michael Perlberg
Matthew Phillips
Debra Pickett
Alyssa Quinlan
Steve Rappin *
Jennifer Rehn *
Ken Robertson *
Rachel Rone *
Erica Smith
Katherine Sonar
Steven Steinmeyer *
George Stephen
Linda Storzek
Andy Timmerwilke ^
Alex Washington *
Melanie Wright

* Executive Committee
^ Leave of Absence

Special Events
Media Coverage
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1.Anthony McKitty
2.Brian Bognar
3.Christine Taylor (Chicago)
4.Erin Bognar
5.James Jacobson
6.Jean Berghoff
7.Jenn Rehn
8.Kate Martin
9.Kathryn Ingraham
10.Marquis Hill
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